abitalia contract: for architects, interior designers and property developers

The scale and diversity of our projects is representative of our clients - this especially so with our contract/trade clients. Abitalia works with a number of contract clients including construction companies, architects, interior designers and property developers - in each case the scale and involvement can be suited accordingly. Because of our extensive portfolio we also supply to other furniture retailers and design studios.

Our products are perfectly suited for commercial projects with great flexibility and an excellent cost to quality ratio. In addition our relationship with our suppliers is such that we can accomodate the most demanding of briefs within strict time constraints. Our designers have a varied background in furniture, interior design and architecture. This diversity is good for creativity, innovation and motivation.

Over the last few years, Abitalia has worked directly with a number of high profile developers throughout the country. As our experience continues to grow, our ability to handle projects - including projects aboard - increases. Whether a residential or commercial project, our service is tailored accordingly, designing the complete interior, an individual space or simply supplying to your specifications.

More recently Abitalia has become the UK's sole distributor of Arredo3 kitchens - the third biggest Italian kitchen manufacturer. With the excellent quality and flexibility of their collection, has made this brand hugely successful in the contract market. Along with kitchens, Abitalia also design, install and supply bespoke wardrobes, flooring, feature lighting and upholstered furniture.

If you are in the construction or design trade, please contact 01242 262155 or email c.morgan@abitalia.co.uk